Discussion Forums

  • Registered users are invited to start, and to comment on, discussion topics.
  • At the bottom of any page that displays a definition, there is a link for starting a new discussion topic. Links to any existing discussions involving that word are displayed just above this.
  • Discussions will be linked to any Yiddish words used (in Hebrew or in Latin letters) in the title of the discussion.
  • The links may not appear immediately; please be patient.
  • Discussions are invited on Yiddish vocabulary:
    • Questions about puzzling usage
    • Additional meanings not yet in the dictionary
    • Criticisms of definitions
    • Other idiomatic expressions
    • Words that aren’t in the dictionary
    • etc.
  • Discussions are welcome in Yiddish, English or French.
  • The management of the web site may, at its discretion, remove discussion items that are off topic, or in any way offensive.
  • The management may also edit discussions for clarity.

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