"I don't mind"

I was taught that to say that something doesn't matter to me ("I don't mind") we say עס מאַכט מיר נישט אױס.

I have also heard עס האַרט מיך נישט

Have others heard azoy? I can't find any matching dictionary definitions for either.


Shouldn't "marker" (such as: felt-tipped marker) be translated as מאַרקירער?


I'm curious to know if this word can be found in classic Yiddish literature. Apparently, this English word "sticker" has been around for about 150 years. Was it also being used in Yiddish writings at that time?


I came across the following phrase in a forverts article:

עס געפֿעלט ס׳רובֿ אַמעריקאַנער ניט זיך צוצוהערן צו לידער...

What does the second 'tsu' add/mean in tsutsuhern?



And פֿאַרזינדיקט as an adjective -- seemingly meaning the same as זינדיק.


also פֿאַרגעסנהייט!


This is an interesting word. I have come across it in a non-yiddish context a couple of times. When I look it up in Merriam Webster online, because I recognize the Yiddish word, I am told :

Definition of fremd
1 now chiefly Scottish : foreign, unfamiliar
2 now chiefly Scottish : not belonging to one's own family or household : unrelated
— fremdly adverb
— fremdness noun, plural -es


y a t il beaucoup de mots yiddish commençant par EI comme eikr?
c'est réellement un problème pour changer le translittéré en yiddish (pas de alef muet, pas de double iud)


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